Lovers High at The Wool Mill


You know and love The Wool Mill. You’ve seen the contemporary, chic photos all over Instagram, seen it brought to life with world-class florals and styling provided by Anatomy of Flowers and The Goodsmiths. But, have you ever seen it like this before? We’re here to inspire you and show you just how special The Wool Mill is in another light.

The Wool Mill Wedding

Bold & Bright
Picture The Wool Mill decked out in decadent bold colours. We’re talking red, magenta, bright orange and pops of yellow lining the tables, florals sitting proudly on plinths surrounding you as you say ‘I do’, and cascading down the railing of the grand staircase into The Feasting Hall. The crisp white walls of the space just dare you to add your personal touches and throw in a touch of colour and vibrance.
This palette exudes beauty for a number of reasons, the first being that it oh so perfectly converts the space from day to night. The rich colours are an absolute dream under the afternoon sunlight, adding to the already light and bright environment that the warehouse holds, and providing the ultimate backdrop for an afternoon ceremony. But as the sun goes down, this palette takes centre stage and adds the warmth and vibrancy that the natural light is lacking in the space.

Work with Anatomy of Flowers to create something unlike anything you’ve ever seen, using your inspiration and experience to dream up floral designs that boast texture and vibrance to transform the space, featuring pops of pink, red, and yellow.

Then, allow The Goodsmiths to source stunning tapered candles in complementing tones, placing them down the centre of your reception tables to add warmth and romance. A bright pink neon sign hangs proudly from The Feasting Hall staircase, showing off a witty or personal slogan, and custom linen drapes along the tables following the same bold palette. There is no limit to how this striking array of colours can showcase The Wool Mill in another light.

The Wool Mill Wedding 2

Monochrome Magic
Monochrome is all the rage at the moment, and for good reason. This aesthetic is everything sleek, classy and elegant all bundled into one, and creates an iconic backdrop for any couple, so it’s no wonder we are dreaming of it at The Wool Mill!
While colour is always a winner in this converted warehouse space, black and white complements its features flawlessly, alongside clean white walls, black beams, and dark finishes along the staircase, doors and railings. Many associate The Wool Mill with rustic, modern and chic weddings that fit the mould, however its blank canvas nature means that it is truly versatile and can be tailored to suit your dream wedding vision.

When it comes to table styling, there’s nothing The Goodsmiths can’t do. To accompany those classy white and black tones throughout the venue, we’re imagining gold cutlery adorning each table to add a luxe feel, alongside other gold and brass finishes that elevate the space.
We’re envisioning soft tulle running along the tables, alongside sleek white pillar candles in hurricane vases to add to the ambience of the venue. Custom signage in shades of black and white will welcome guests into the space, showing off classy, sophisticated and stylish designs that encapsulate your event, elevating the overall chic and modern feel of The Wool Mill that we all know and love.

Anatomy of Flowers will dream up a ceremony installation for the ages. Picture a floor meadow made up of earthy greenery and lush foliage, paired with florals in shades of white, cream and beige that bring out the beauty of the couple.
Then, repurpose those whimsical florals into the reception, placing them on the floor and creating a photo destination for guests to marvel at for years to come. You’ll be on a complete lovers high as you take in the space, completely transformed for your most special day!

We bet you’ve never seen The Wool Mill in this light, and we are itching with excitement to see what you can create with our renowned team of suppliers. Want to know more? Get in touch today!